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#2 - Pee on the Tree

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Kenneth Munyer Photography LLC

I was 9 years young when my family first visited Sequoia National Park.

One morning, I went hiking with mom. She brought her old film camera to photograph the Marmots (cute furry bite-sized baby dogs that live in holes)

At one point, I realized I had to piss. She was taking her sweet time hunting the football-shaped mini dogs (why did you make them, Lord?). For some reason, I decided to hold it in and wait until I got to a proper toilet (bougie much?). However, the Universe conspired against my bladder - she found one and conducted a mini photo session with it.

"Chin-up. Good. Now tilt your head down a little bit...YES; Okay, now... big smile! NOICE! How about a fake laugh!?"

Just kidding. But for reals, I really had to pee.

"Screw this", I thought, as I started the hike back to camp.

A few minutes later, this massive deer pranced his Bambi-ass in front me. What is it with animals and trolling humans (I'm looking at you, squirrels)!? All the discipline required to hold in my urine nearly failed me as I cried all the way back to Dad.

Dad's like,

"Sup. What's wrong?"...

To which I frantically replied, "DUDE THIS DEER NEARLY KILLED ME AND I NEED TO PEE


Laughing at my the bewildered face of his eldest son "Why didn't you pee on a tree, bruh? Smh..."

To this day, I don't know why I didn't pee on the tree. Maybe it was just so I could write this blog post twenty years later. God has a sense of humor with stuff like this.

Intuitive Spiritual Side Note...

I decided to pray more about this memory since it was foundational for my journey as an artist and photographer. What came to mind was this - the Giant Redwoods, the Deer, my Mom with her camera...

The trees were massive, rooted deeply into the Earth. My son, set roots in Me and I will establish you...

The deer was free and sprinted with great ease. And I will direct your intensity...

Mom was immersed in joy in the Present Moment. Through Co-creation with Me in photography...

OK dude, get to the point

My mom was so immersed in her joy of photographing potato-puppies, that I nearly died (not really). But she was immersed and full of joy, which made a huge impression on me!

But that wasn't the secret sauce (I hope it's like Chick-fil-a sauce...)

...She found her joy living in the Sacrament of the Present Moment.

So guys, slow down and remember...

Pee on the tree.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ken "#$%^ deers" Munyer

A guy that loves Jesus Christ who maybe has too much ambition...trying to set the world ablaze for the Lord in my own little way.


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