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#1 - Introduction

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Kenneth Munyer Photography LLC


Peace be with you!

I am Ken, of Kenneth Munyer Photography LLC!

Playful Ken

I'll save you from me talking about myself (Check out the "Meet Ken" section of my website). Besides, do people read much anymore? I feel like Social Media has killed the art and practice of reading and the generation of deep thoughts and contemplation...However, I digress!

*Literally shaking as I'm writing this*

Here we go!


Why I made this blog

For each wedding I photograph, I will write a short blog post detailing my experience. In addition, I will create blog posts sharing my thoughts on equipment, techniques, my successes and struggles, making new friends in the field, and random stuff like my dreams and inspirations as they come. And God moments! Lots of God moments.

Why I waited so long (3 years) to start this blog

I have put off writing blogs mainly for three reasons:

  1. Procrastination.

  2. Waiting for my confidence in my ability in my craft to warrant me sharing anything (This is my perfectionism serves a purpose, I think).

  3. Fear.

Cool. Got it. Thanks dude *fist bumps self* (weird).

Kenneth Munyer Photography LLC - Why this name?

"bEcAuSe yOu aRe yEr bRaNd"

I'm kidding, kind of.

It's just this semi-truth is literally reiterated ad nauseum in the self-help, business entrepreneurship world of the Gary Vee's and kin.

For me, it was for a different-ish reason. I started my business back in 2019, after the FOCUS mission trip in 2018. I experimented with using the English translation of my Lebanese/Syrian last name, Munyer (moon-yaire), which is Elune, or Light, which I thought was cool. However, what I've learned through the years is that "cool" doesn't mean "do it" in most contexts.

Simply, if I used that name, no one would know who I was. I think an element of shyness and insecurity played into that (perfectionism again). Regardless, using my name was the most practical thing. The transition was also extremely stressful since I prefer to be a ninja, working in the shadows. Plus, my little sister had the same idea and is using it for her art page (good job, sis!)


  1. Ability to tap into existing social network and potential client base.

  2. Encountering and restructuring those darn perfectionist thoughts.

  3. Increase in self-discipline to create and maintain boundaries (work vs play, etc.).

  4. Increase in personal integrity.

Overall, it was a wise choice as I've grown a lot as a person, thoroughly integrating my inner artist/child with my inner father.

Five years in the Marine Corps (2010-2015), five years of me attempting (I really suck) to be an intentional discipleship of Jesus Christ (2017 to present; four years of counseling (2018-2022); and three years of business (2019 to 2022), will do that to you.

Cool story, bro. What is your mission?

My mission is to be the best damn Catholic Wedding Photographer in the world! I am starting with the north DFW area first. I desire to glorify God and the beauty of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, specifically through the visual portrayal of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony!

No man is an island...and I certainly don't warrant or desire a monopoly on anything in this world, especially with art. When I was in the Marines, they taught us the basics of Rifle Marksmanship. One of the core tenants of that practice was Aim Small, Miss Small. While I am not necessarily aiming small, I am being specific. In addition, I am choosing to Aim for the Highest Possible Good (thank you Dr. Jordan Peterson).

I am forever a boot - or, new guy. I know some stuff, and I consider myself to be an expert in what stuff I do know. But I still have A LOT to learn. Growth mindset for the win!

The Catholic Wedding Photographer niche is extremely small. That said, I would love to help collaborate and mastermind a Catholic Wedding Photographer Collective someday. Teamwork makes the dream work (Lol, thanks Frank)! I have many dreams and ideas, and I intend to make them, and to assist the dreams of others in this field, a reality.

But Ken, aren't you limiting yourself!?


There's literally over one million Catholics in Dallas-Fort Worth alone; about five million Catholics in Texas; fifty-one million Catholics in the U.S.A; and about 1.3 Billion Catholics in the entire world! On top of that, Catholics love to procreate.

Our Father in heaven is the God of love and abundance. Therefore, build it, love what you do, promote it, and they will come!

You're wild. What now?

Poco a poco, mi amigo - little by little, my friend. I am currently balancing my graduate degree in Clinical Counseling (one more year to go!) with this Catholic Wedding Photography business (the 4:30 am wake-ups are fun).

I am 100000% focused on quality. This includes: attracting the right clients, me providing the highest quality of photographs and service, all while delivering the maximum value to the client, to the world, and ultimately to Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. This accurately reflects in my investment packages. That said, I do negotiate on budget (and I love doing so!).

Remember, this isn't about me. It's about Him!

Sincerely in Christ,

Ken "You're Too Intense" Munyer

A guy that loves Jesus Christ who maybe has too much ambition...trying to set the world ablaze for the Lord in my own little way.


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